We’re a creatively-led
and result-driven agency

Obsessed with creating relevant campaigns, hungry for innovation – and whose leadership gets down to work
instead of hiding behind beautiful titles and big offices.

We’re a startup that’s born with
90 years of history.

We’re bringing back what George Ketchum began in 1923, an agency focused on creative solutions
for every type of business, that will carry out digital, PR, BTL and everything else that surrounds it.
Because no matter the platform, what matters is the relevance, pertinence and adequacy of the idea.

We’re an agency focused on creating great results from small investments.

And even greater results from
larger investments.


For us, every part of the creative process matters. Including the parts which make our campaigns be relevant to the client's business and not just to the agency's purposes. The part in which we listen, accept opinions and put the customer at the forefront so that the campaign is born in the right territories, with the right brand messages and, above all, ready to drive results. And also the part in which we want to be impeccable in every text, video, image, app, website, fan page, content, in short, in everything we need create and produce.

Because launching a campaign is a challenge that must be respected from start to finish.

We are an agency that sees any briefing as an opportunity. We want to build brands doing what needs to be done, not making excuses.

At Little George we’re concerned about creating ideas that change customer s’ businesses. Be they creative, tactical or all together and mixed up. We’re just not concerned about getting volume rebates from the media. We want to be well paid for the work we do.
So, we make this work be better and better, every day.


And there wouldn’t be a better time to be reborn. 92 years later. In the midst of a crisis and always looking on the bright side.

The side on which we know investments are leaner and the side on which we are already more than used to it.


We look for customers who want creative work from a creative boutique, without having to pay too much for it.


And what about you? What are you looking for in your next agency?


Call us and discover that Little George is the agency you’ve always wanted to have

At Little George there’s no B team.

Everyone has enough experience to carry out a job from start to finish. To treat the staff as team b erases its creative brilliance and, in an agency focused on creating to innovate, a team motivated to make a difference is the most important thing.


For each job, we bring people with different expertise to work together for the best results.


After all, work carried out together has no glitches.

Our team uses PR techniques, after all this is in our DNA, and combines traditional advertising, digital, design, and activation
to create innovative campaigns that are in sync with how consumers behave today. We understand how to participate
in conversations, engage our audiences and make our campaigns be commented on and shared.




Business Strategy • ADVERTISING • PR
DIGITAL • Brand & Communications
Creative Data • Research & Analytics • User Experience
Creative Technology • Branded Content
Storywhatever  • Social • Media • CRM
Activation • Guerrila



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